What would your character’s Twitter description be?

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me having phone sex

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we teach kids the periodic table but not the targaryen family tree? let’s get the focus back on education, folks.

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Darren Criss for Indie Magazine

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There comes a point in time where you gotta take care of your own life. Wherever you’re from, whoever did you wrong or didn’t do what they were supposed to do, wasn’t being who they were supposed to be…It’s just you. No more excuses. 

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finally, a dance i can do

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still dont know what ‘story of my life’ is about 

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how are 1d songs gonna be after the zerriage like four of them will be all “yeah this hot girl i’m chasin after look at her damn” and zayn will just be in the back like “vas hapnen commitment *high note*”

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maybe you don’t need to hear it, but i need to know that i said it

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