so my family has always had financial issues but we’ve always been able to pull through in the end and stuff but recently there has been a change

my mom sat me down and talked to me about our current situation and basically i have to start paying for everything i do/have/need myself, including my education.

i have scholarships and loans from my school and stuff but my mom said that i need to take out private loans myself to pay for the rest because she can’t anymore so that’s what i’m going to do

i do not have a job, i’ve been trying to find one for two months now but no one is hiring or i get rejected

in order to take in some kind of money while i find i job i have applied for an adsense account. i never wanted to get ads on my blog but there is really no other choice for me right now because i have to immediately start getting in some revenue.

i’m really sorry about this and when i do find a job i will probably take them down but in the meantime this is how it’s going to be

  1. qualiteas said: it’s okay honey, i hope you’ll find at least some job soon ;)
  2. elijahwood said: I’ll click on those ads for you, bby.
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